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Ludmila Curilova is compelled to paint. Her canvas is the "looking glass' through which she views and interprets the world. it is also how she responds to it, expressing herself through color, texture and subject.
Born in Kishenev, Moldova, Ludmila was raised in an atmosphere of artistic exploration. Her father was a set designer and scene painter for Moldova's National Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Her mother was a ballerina at the same theatre company and together they instilled a love and appreciation for the arts in all their children. As a result, one of Ludmila's brothers is also an artist, another is a famous Eastern European writer.
Along with the skills taught to her by ther father, Curilova received her formal art training at the College of Art in Kishenev. From there she began building her reputation and attracting a lot of interest. She exhibited in several prominent Russian and Moldovian galleries, where her paintings had international appeal. Her work can be found in many private collections in Israel, Germany, France and now Canada and United States.
In 2001 Ludmila Curilova left her country an moved to Canada. "One of my greatest desires is to see as much of our world as possible and Canada is a country that really gives me such a possibility along with a stable life and future for my family". The change of country, society and lifestyle has invigorated her.
Curilova describes her art as not typically Russian. She uses a combination of brushes and art knifes to create her unique style. Symbolism palys an important role in her paintings; some of these symbols are understandable to everyone and others have a very private meaning. " I still believe in fairy tales. One of my favorite expressions is that every woman is a princess inside". Romantic and echanted characters still live deep within her soul, inspiring Ludmila to give them life upon her canvas.
A true artist Ludmila transforms her life experience and imagination into beautifully rendered still life and figurative works, allowing us the special opportunity to see the world through her "looking glass".

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